Sunday, October 18, 2009

~Santa Rug~

It sure is chilly here in Ohio. The sun was shining today, so that makes it seem warmer. It is supposed to get warmer here this week. Tonight I lised this santa rug on Ebay. It is a Need'l Love pattern. I love patriotic santas. Hope everyone has a great week.


  1. Hi Julie...I live in Ohio also. It's been way too cool, I'm ready for the warm up.
    I just notice on your " In The Sprit Of Friends" post the we were set up right beside your friend Bobbie...that is our tent in the background of the picture you have posted...small world!
    Bobbie and her husband said they hope to stop by my shop when they go to the Simple Goods Show...they are such nice people.
    Have a great day,

  2. Hi Linda,
    I remember you. I won't be going to Simple goods this year we will be on vacation. Bobbie and her husband are so nice. Thanks for saying something, I would love to stop by your shop too!!

  3. When and where in Ohio is the "Simple Goods Show" ? I am in the Akron area.

    Love both the Santa and the Snowman by the way.. I am new to hooking this year.

  4. Hi!
    it is in Mt. Vernon and is a 1 day show. Google it, they do have a picturetrail. It is very primitive handmade items and antiques.

  5. thanks and I will google.

  6. Hey Julie your Santa rug is great. I didn't realize you were going to miss the Simple Goods show. I will tell you all about it. See you tonight Rhonda

  7. I like your Santa Rug, I have only done one dark background rug to-date. It has been raining most days here too, so good days to rug hook.