Tuesday, August 25, 2009

~Sunflowers, Zinnias and Dahlias~

I put up the 1st fall decoration. This year I'm hoping to get all my fall decorations out,last year I didn't.

My Zinnias are in full bloom, trying to keep the dead flowers cut so they keep on blooming.

Dahlias in many colors.

Volunteer sunflowers. I don't know what variety they are but, that is 1 plant.

This hanging wire basket still blooming, some of the other ones have died.

Sedums and Hens and Chicken planted in child's rubber boot.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

~Pumpkin Rug~

It was so cloudy and gloomy today here in Ohio. Hopefully, tommorrow the sun will shine so I can mow.
I just listed this rug on Ebay tonight. The design is by Lori Brechlin Notforgotten Farms. I have been hooking so many of Lori's designs, feel like a Lori Brechlin groupie. LOL!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~Final Finished Rug~

Here is an updated picture of the Settler's Cabin rug. I sent a picture of the finished rug to the person that ordered it. She didn't like some of the colors, so I
changed them.

~Hot and Humid In Ohio~

It has been so hot and humid here in Ohio. I don't mind the heat but, I don't like it when it's humid. Last weekend we had our annual canoe trip with my husband's family. The river was perfect, it was so fun. Summer is winding down, can't believe it's alomost Sept..

I've been busy with Lindsay, trying to find furniture and stuff for her apartment. College will be starting in Sept. so we have a little time to find everything.

Yesterday I finished this rug, I just have to sew the binding on it. The person that ordered the rug wanted the star, heart, and flowers hooked in Robin's egg blue wool, hope she likes it. Now what to hook next, I have so many rugs I want to hook it's hard to decide!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

~Garden Update~

I posted my pictures and tried to write something under each one. After I posted, all the writing was all over the place. So, guess I'll write here. I can't believe it is August, the summer has flown by. We have had lots of rain in Ohio, over 4 inches last week. My dahlias are starting to bloom, dahlias are one of my favorite flowers. No.1 is Hydrangreas, there are so many different varieties. The big tall Hydrangeas at the side of my house is called Limelight.
I should paint our little shed but, haven't had time. The next thing you know it's going to be too cold to paint.
Finally got the 3 twig scarecrows up. I made another one a couple weeks ago. We had some sycamore limbs come down. So I made a scarecrow out of it, looks like the poor guy has skin problems. LOL!
Hope everyone has a great day!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Primitive "Oh My" Rug

I just listed this rug on Ebay tonight. It is another Lori Brechlin~Not forgotten Farms pattern. We started a new launch on PRHG, the theme is "Harvest Under The Moon".

We have gotten 5 inches of rain in the last week. So this week I'll be mowing. It is great for our corn, we are getting 2 ears on each stalk. This year I planted potato seeds in April.So I have been digging up red potatoes~usually I don't get them planted that early. The broccoli is ready also. Fresh vegetables are so good.
Hope everyone has a great week!!