Monday, October 25, 2010

Snowman and Snowflake Rug

It's a gloomy Monday here in Ohio.
That's ok! I've been hooking all day.
I just finished this snowman rug.
It is the cutest design.
I received a card in the mail for a christmas Open House.
This was a freebie drawing on the card.
Hope everyone is having a good day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20 Already?!

I can't believe it is October 20th already!
I've still got alot to do outside.
My dahlias need dug up and lots of leaves to rake.
Today I hooked all day, I wanted to finish this rug,
It is a Maggie Bonanomi design out of the book With these Hands.
It's her Butternut House rug, I just changed the words.
Sure wish my camera would get the colors right.
That is always a problem for me.
Check out Twice Loved Woolens blog.
Lisa just started a new blog and she hooks beautiful rugs!!
Welcome to blogland Lisa!!
Hope everyone has a great evening!
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Leaves,Rugs and a Blimp Flying Over

It has been beautiful here. My husband, Tom, has been combining soybeans, the weather has been perfect for that.
It seems like all the leaves fell in one day. We haven't gotten a killing frost yet. We have gotten spotty frosts. Have alot of raking to do.
This is the maple tree in our front yard.

I hooked another turkey rug and I will list it on Ebay tonight. I had lots of the same color wool left from the last rug. I love this design, it is fun to hook.

The other day we noticed a blimp flying over. They fly over our farm alot, it is
flying back to Akron, Ohio.

I finished this snowman rug yesterday. I got the pattern last year from Lori Brechlin but, never made it. I love the blue background. I dyed the wool this week and really like the color. I will list this rug on ebay tonight also.
I have a busy week, I'd rather be super busy than bored LOL!!
I hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2 Days in a ROW!!

Wow! I feel pretty good I've posted 2 days in a row here.

I really haven't had much time to do that.

I've been riding along in the truck with my husband.

We have been delivering silage/feed to a dairy farmer.

Seems like little things always go wrong.

Like yesterday it was raining and the windshield wipers stopped.

That's nerve racking!! So it's always an exciting ride. LOL!

Hopefully tommorrow the sun will shine here.

Anyone that knows me knows I hate dreary days.

I think I have that disorder and need a bright light shining on me! LOL!

I just listed this snowman rug on Ebay today.

It is a pattern from The Red Saltbox.

I bought the pattern when I was at Sauder.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finally Finished A Rug

Today I finished a rug!!

It is a Anne Nichols design out of the Need'l Love Falloween book.

I hooked one for myself and keep it out all year round.

It is one of my favorite designs.

I have been fall cleaning.

I am decluttering and getting rid of ALOT of stuff.

It feels so good to get all this stuff out of here.

It's hard for me to part with things but, I haven't used it so it's gone.

It has been raining the last few days here and it's so dreary.

Reminding me of winter.

I'm not ready winter!!

Have a great week!