Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Few More Rugs From Sauder Village

The weather here in Ohio is just beautiful! This is what everyone is waiting for, blue skys, no humidity just perfect. Today we are going to paint a little building on our farm. Hope it goes fast.
Here are a few pictures of rugs that I took At Sauder.
I love this first rug. Patriotic rugs are right up my alley!!! LOL!
Some day I would love to hook a rug like this one. I've always wanted to hook a rug of our farm, with all the barns.
This design is by Lori Brechlin.

Isn't this a great Halloween rug??

As soon as I saw this rug I thought of Sharon-Moosecraft who lives in NJ. This was a very cute rug!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stacked Jack O Lantern Hooked Rug

I just finished hooking this stacked Jack O Lantern rug.It is my own design, I hooked this a couple years ago. I listed it on Ebay tonight. Today was the first day of school for the kids in our town. Our kids are all out of high school, I'm kinda glad. Lindsay doesn't start college till the 3rd week in Sept.. There is so many things going on in Sept. every weekend there is something happening.
Hope everyone has a good evening!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sauder Rugs

This past Thursday I went to Sauder Village. The first 3 pictures are by Maria barton Star Rug Company.

Star Rug Company hooked by Maria

I love the Tumbling Pumpkins! Rhonda bought this pattern also. Can't wait to see how she hooks this one. Ali from Kindred Spirits was selling alot of Maria's patterns. All the rugs are really nice.

Thsi rug was designed and hooked by Nola Heidbreder. My friend Rhonda bought the pattern from Nola. I can't wait to see how Rhonda hooks it. Nola said it took her 40 hours to hook the rug, it is just beautiful!

This is a Halloween rug that really caught my eye. I love it!

This is the same pattern, hooked in blue.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sauder Village and A Jack Rug

It is hard to believe another week has gone by. Last week I went to Sauder Village it took 3 hours to get there. We got back home faster, didn't listen to the GPS. LOL! I went with 3 other girls and had a really great time. Bought some wool and a pattern from Wendy Miller. The vendors were great and I got to see the person I'm always talking to on the phone to order wool, that would be Rebecca Erb. I ran into Bobbie-Evening Stitcher, I love talking to Bobbie she is the sweetest!!
The rugs were so pretty and lots of them!! I took lots of pictures to share.
I just finished this rug today. I bought this pattern fron Wendy Miller. I love the way it turned out and it was fun to hook. It helps when I had all the right colors of wool in my stash.
Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Trip To the Veterinary Clinic

Today my daughter and I took Maddie to the vet for an exam and shots. She already weighs 48 LBS.. The reason why I haven't posted pictures of her on my blog is she doesn't sit still long enough. I think the hardest job would to be a professional photographer for animals. Maddie LOVES to be outside and always wants out. We are working with her because when she's outside she won't listen. So, we've had to put her on a lease. She's doing well though.

The weather finally broke here in Ohio. The heat and humidity are gone for a few days. We turned off the air, how refreshing. Now I have to get caught up on mowing and weeding. Have a great week!

Monday, August 9, 2010

☆ I Love Flags & Geraniums ☆

It is supposed to be hot and humid in Ohio this week. I'm not going to complain about it because before we know it summer will be over. This morning I went outside and took a few pictures of my favorite things.
This picture was taken walking out my front door. The geraniums are blooming, they didn't have any flowers on them a couple weeks ago.

This spring I started Lobelia from seed. The blue is so crisp, I just love them. The starts were so delicate but, they took off. I will definitely start them from seed again next year. The begonias that I planted with them are Vodka, they are a very nice bright red.

This picture is looking out my kitchen window. I have a window box outside our kitchen window. I really miss the flowers in the winter. I do put pines in the boxes in the winter but, it's not as good as flowers.
Thanks for stopping by have a nice evening!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What's Blooming At My House

All my flowers are in full bloom. The blue ageratums in this picture I started from seed. They are just getting going. This is the side of my house.

I had a old wood feed trough full of flowers. Last week the bottom fell out and all the flowers were on the ground. So I found this box and filled it with dirt and saved all the flowers. I also planted some of them right in the ground and they are doing good.

Every year I grow dahlias and dig them back up in the fall. I ended up with alot of white dahlias. They would be great for a wedding.

The hibiscus are really pretty this year. We've gotten alot of rain which has really helped. We usually are lacking rain this time of year.
The humidity is supposed to be out of here tommorrow. I'm really looking forward to that. This weekend it is supposed to be beautiful, can't wait.
Have a great evening!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dog Daze Of Summer

Another hot, humid day in Ohio. I've been watching the weather channel and I don't think we have it as bad as Missouri, Kansas and some other states. Hopefully, everyone is staying cool. I have went outside MANY times today to walk our Golden Retriever puppy, Maddie. We are trying to get her house trained. It's going good, thank goodness I don't have carpet! LOL! She's getting big, I weighed her and she weighs 35 LBS.. Maddie is the most energetic puppy we've ever had. Maybe we haven't had a puppy for such a long time I don't remember. Anyways, she is doing well and is being a typical puppy.
I finished this rug today, I just LOVE it. I think the pattern is so cute. It is a pattern from Buttermilk Basin and measures 17.5" x 16.5". I used all the wool that I dyed in the last post. I used 4 different wools in the background that was dyed all the same color. I just listed it on Ebay.
Hope everyone has a nice evening, stay cool!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dyeing Wool

Yesterday I dyed wool all day. It wasn't planned, I drew a pattern on linen. Looked through my wool and I was missing alot of colors I wanted to hook in the rug. It seems like the days I dye wool I'm doing many other things too. Last night my son had a party here so in between dyeing wool I was helping him. We have a pond on our farm so the party wasn't here at our house. So in between baking cheesey potatoes(no dyes got into the food LOL!) I was dyeing primitive orange, mustard and red wool. Tommorrow I might dye greens and would like to try black for backgrounds.

This is the way I keep records of dyeing wool. It is no frills and very simple way to keep track. As soon as the wool is dyed, I cut off little pieces. I even cut it when it is wet and staple the swatch to an index card. Write down the recipe right away. I have done it several hours after I dye the wool and sometimes haven't been able to remember. Usually when I'm dyeing I will dye wool all day and use LOTS of different recipes. I use several different books and if I don't have a particular color I use the Cushings color wheel. Choose a color close to the one I need. So that can be confusing also. I keep a pen and index card to write down notes too.

I bought this index card box at an auction. It had unused index cards, it was prefect for keeping swatches of dyed wool. I don't keep the swatches in any certain order.