Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gus and Maddie

Gus is accepting Maddie or he's putting up with her. She's in the biting stage, can't wait till she outgrows that. Gus doesn't like it either, she bites his ears. We had her on a leash and Gus led her around the yard.

I stayed inside today and finished this rug. I really like the way it turned out. It is an adaption from a Kindred Spirits pattern.
Hopefully tommorrow I can get outside and get some things done outside. It has been so hot and humid that I haven't gotten to work outside.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Isn't She the Cutest

Isn't she so cute!! Meet Cutty(named after Cutty in the TV show House). My friend Chris has been taking care of her. I was over at her house yesterday and fed her a bottle.

This is my friend Chris's house. The Nikko Blue Hydrangeas are beautiful.

We are going canoeing today. My husband's family is coming here for our annual canoe trip. It is supposed to be hot today. Hope everyone has a good day!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Patriotic Bee Skep Rug

I finished this rug today, I've been working on it for 3 weeks, This is the 2ND one I've made. A couple years ago I made one but, used a light background with dark lettering. I really like the way it turned out. It is a pattern by Lori Brechlin~ Notforgotten Farms, the book is OOP though.
Wow! has it been hot and humid!! There are storms moving through right now, hope it's going to get rid of this. I really want to go outside and work in my yard but, it miserable out. Planted cucumber plants today. Every year I plant cucumbers and zucchini they die. I get the kind that say they disease resistant also. Asked the girls at the greenhouse and they said wait to plant them anytime after the 1st day of summer. I'm going to try it. Hope it works!
Have a great evening!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Hook In Pictures

Here are more pictures of the hook in that I attended last Saturday at Kingwood in Mansfield, Ohio. These are the girls I hook with. On the far left is Phyllis, Rhonda~ myglorystars and Stacie. I love the kitten rug to the left, I'm pretty sure Katie hooked it.

Aults were one of the vendors, look at all the beautiful wool. Yes, I bought some LOL!

Lauren~Rugs and Pugs on the left. Lisa and Sylvia to the right.

It is hot and humid in Ohio. So I think I'm going to power wash my front porch. That should be a cool job today. Have a great day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kingwood Hook In

She loves the water. Notice that the water is dirty on the raft. She was wet and got in the dirt. Our puppy has doubled in size!! The thing about Golden Retrievers are that they grow fast and are almost full grown at 6 months. I need to start taking more pictures of her while she's a puppy.

We named her Maddie, she chose the name. We would call her all these names we liked, everytime we said Maddie she would perk up and come to us. Her name on her papers will be Madeline haven't figured the rest yet.

Puppies are adorable!!

I went to Kingwood in Mansfield to a hook in today. I really had a nice time. It was Katie Allman's hook in, she really puts alot of work into it. The rugs that everyone brought were beautiful. I'll post more through the week. In the middle of the picture is Alice Fraser.It was great talking to Alice, love reading her blog. She's always doing something exciting. The other gal is Felicia from Wooster, I met her at the Walnut Creek Hook In. We have a great time talking to her too.

I love this rug!! It is just beautiful!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We are heading up to Marblehead to have lunch with Tom's dad and family. My dad is in West Virginia golfing. Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Scary Storms In Ohio

The stormy weather finally have left here. Friday I headed for Millersburg to get groceries. My friend Chris called me on my cell phone, we decided to meet in Millersburg. I was ahead of her by 20 min.. Chris called said she couldn't get through because there was a tree across the road. I Told her to go around to another
road I knew. Then my husband calls me and said there was a tornado warning headed right for me. I drove to where my son works, Exodus Cycles. I felt better,we watched and the storm went north. Chris called she made it and I went to meet her. We went to a few stores then we parted and I went grocery shopping. While I was in the store my husband called me again and said there was another tornado warning. MY heart can't take this. LOL!! So I head out to go home watching for a tornado and anticipating what I would do if I saw one. Keeping an eye on the ditches, cuz I would of jumped in one if I would of saw a funnel cloud. I got home safe.
Saturday around 2:00 we heard the tornado sirens AGAIN!! I called my son in Millersburg and said it's coming your way. There was a tornado that did touch down in Sugarcreek yesterday.Sugarcreek is very close to berlin and Walnut Creek. I was right in the area the day before. It rained really hard here and our fields flooded. Our corn is up about 20" , the water receded so hopefully it won't be bad.
My sister Rena called me this morning from Catawba on Lake Erie. She said her and my nephew Joey were in tornado shelter all night. They were camping and the fire dept. knocked on their camper to wake them up. The tornado didn't hit where she was though. I'm thankful that no tornadoes touched down because others in Ohio weren't so lucky.
Yesterday I finished this rug since there was nothing I could do outside. I love this rug! It is one of my favorites that I have hooked. It is an adaption of the pattern from Country Stitches Brenda Gervais. Hope everybody has a great day!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Patriotic Flag Rug

I have been planting flowers and taking care of our new puppy. She has settled right in and has taken over our house. There is nothing cuter than a Golden Retriever puppy. I have her sitting and shaking her paw. I think I take her out 30 times a day so I can get her potty trained.
I finished this flag rug yesterday. I love this pattern it is a Blackbird Design. Listed it on Ebay last night. Have a great day!