Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rabbit Rug

I bought this pattern last year. It is from With Thy Needle and Thread.
I love her patterns.
Today it was 31 when I went in town.
It felt warm, I was debating
whether to wash my car.
I'm always afraid
that it will freeze shut.
I changed my mind when I got to the car wash
and they were trying to get
 the automatic door open, it was frozen.
Stay warm!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Planning Flower Beds

 I have been getting lots of seed catalogs.
Before we know it spring will be here.

It has taken years to get my flower beds
planted with perennials.
The outside looks like a frozen tundra today!
I like to get to the greenhouses early to get
the big flowered geraniums.
They sell out fast.
I love the red begonias I planted in our
window box.  They are so easy to grow!

Last summer I redid my pond.
I completely dissembled it and
redid the whole thing.
It looks 10000 times better.
I put it in 20 years ago. 

I redid the rocks.

Love planting lots of petunias.
When I look outside in the winter, it
is a miracle all the plants grow back LOL!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sheep Rug

Today I met up with a couple of friends in
Berlin, Ohio.
We went to some shops, then
for lunch at Rebecca's Bistro in Walnut Creek.
The food was great!
It was nice to get out.
Tomorrow it is supposed to
get very cold.
I'll be staying in brrr.
This is a little rug I hooked.
It is a design by Susan Hart.
Until next time...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

6 More Weeks!!

It is cold!! There is a couple inches
of ice under the snow.
Sunday night it
rained then it froze.
Yesterday Punxsutawney Phil
predicted 6 more weeks of winter.
I expected that!! LOL!
February always flies by, so
spring will be here
before we know it.
This is my latest rug.
The design is by Lori Brechin- Not Forgotten Farms.
Have a great day!