Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Military Button

The weather is great here today. I was outside picking up sticks in the yard.
I looked down and saw a military button!!!
We have lived in this house for 30 years.
I have raked the yard so many times and there it was.
Brought it inside and cleaned it up.  
It says "Chester Pennsylvania Military College"
That is where my father inlaw went to college.
I can't wait to give it to him but, he's in Tahiti right now, poor guy.HA!
I wonder if they were looking for it and if he still has his jacket.
So, I put it on one of my favorite bears that I bought at our Goodwill's
weekly silent auction
It was made by Lori Ann Baker Corelis.
It had the original tag that has his name "Roosevelt."

Here is a close up.
Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket!!
Have wonderful afternoon!
Until next time! Julie

Monday, January 30, 2012

Heart Hand Rug

Good evening! We are on a weather rollercoaster aren't we?? Tommorrow it's supposed to be in the 50's-I'll take it. I'm freezing right now. I have been hooking and just finished this rug, I also made one for my friend, Chris. I did just list this rug on Ebay. I am having a heck of a time with blogger, is anyone else?? I think they are changing everything. Until next time. Julie

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bluebirds and Star Rug

Good Sunday afternoon!!  It snowed here Friday night, probably about 5 inches of pretty snow. Today it is melting and tommorrow we will have mud.  I'm sure we will get more snow.
Next Saturday is the Annual Pajama Party at Country Craft Cupboard in Berlin. They have 40% off storewide, just a few things aren't. I haven't decided if I'm going to go, it starts at 6:00 AM and ends at 9:00AM. Is anyone else going?
I bought the  book, Home Sweet Home by Blackbird Designs. It is a great  book and this is one of the patterns in the book. I love all their designs!! I listed it on Ebay. Have a good week!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Wednesday!!

Good Wednesday afternoon!! We made it to hump day, this month is flying by. I have gotten alot of new wools, so I'm really excited about hooking rugs. It is cold today and snowy so I'm doing laundry. This rug is a Country Stitches design and it was fun to hook. I listed it on Ebay. Have a nice evening!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Has Arrived

A winter storm arrived here last night. It was so windy that it blew our dining room door open sometime in the night. It was 38 in our downstairs this morning,we had the door at the bottom of the steps closed so it was warm upstairs. We have annual Winterfest in our town,the weather will be perfect for the ice sculptures. I finished this rug by Country Stitches, I love it!! I will be listing it on Ebay tonight. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Feels Like Spring

It feels like spring, maybe just for a couple days though. It's so nice to have the sun shining. The picture was taken yesterday at our farm, usually there would be lots of snow this time of year. I got my blog back, alot of things look different. I'm glad I didn't lose anything. I went to the mail box and received the Jan/feb. Rug Hooking magazine. It has the cutest pattern from Maria Barton -Star Rug Company in it. Also, new swatches from Rebecca Erb, OHHH!! I can't resist I will be ordering Monday morning!! Forgot I also ordered the new pattern book from Robin- Bird In the Hand Primitives, the patterns are REALLY nice. Can't wait to hook them! Yesterday I had a nice time with my daughter, Lindsay. We went for lunch, then shopping. Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, January 6, 2012

OH No!!

My blog is so screwed up. I do back it up. We'll see if I can get everything back, hopefully all my favorite blogs. I don't have time right now. I'm going to OSU to see Lindsay. Have a good day, it's sunny here!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

I'm looking forward to 2012! I don't make New Year's resolutions, I do dream of what 2012 has in store. Each day I try to do the best I can, to be a good wife and mother.

I have been receiving lots of seed catalogues and my favorite catalogue, Swan Island Dahlias. This picture is of one of the dahlias I grew last season. I know we are just getting started with winter so I'm going to make the best of it.
Thank you so much for following my blog, I really like reading everyone's comments.

Have a Happy New Year!