Saturday, July 28, 2012

1802 Wool Rug

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! My weekends are busy with family. The puppies will be 5 weeks old tommorrow. They keep me very busy. We did get 1/2" of rain yesterday, we're very thankful for that! It has looked like rain all day today, at least it isn't beating sun and 95. I hooked another rug by Mad Hen Primitives, I have several books. So keep watching for more designs. This one isn't that big. It is for sale. I hope to get some gardening pictures on here. Until next time.... Julie

Friday, July 20, 2012

PHM July Update

Today is update time for Primitive Handmade Mercantile. You can get there if you click the picture on the side. This is a design by Mad Hen Primitives. It is out of her little Inspirational booklets-book 1.
This is what I've been doing! Maddie and Gus had puppies,10! They will be 4 weeks old Sunday. They are inside in air conditioning. We did get rain the past couple days. We're very thankful!! My son's birthday party is this weekend, so things will slow down for me the coming week. Have a great weekend!