Thursday, January 27, 2011

My BIG Puppy

This is Madeline~ Maddie.
She won't be 1 year old until April 6.
Golden Retrievers are about full grown by 6 months old.
Maddie has really come a long way.
She FINALLY comes when she is called.
Now she can go outside in the yard without being on a leash.
Sits and if you say shake she puts her paw in my hand.
Maddie speaks but, she thinks if she sits and barks she will get food.
I have been doing laundry , cleaning and hope to get hooking.
I got a new pattern from Mad Hen Primitives.
Love her patterns!
Have a great evening!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finished Rugs

I finally finished the crock rug. I had to dye most of the wool because
I wasn't happy with the wool I had.
It's a fun rug to hook though.
It is Marlene Troyer ~Perennial Blessings.

I also finished this heart rug.
The reds were all dyed by me .
I listed both of these rugs on Ebay.
It has warmed up in Ohio,it was 36.
What a heat wave!
I have been freezing!
Have a great evening.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We only have 13 more days left in January.
I'm trying to think positive. LOL!!
The weather here in Ohio today was NASTY.
I know it is everywhere, just had to complain about it.
I did get alot done today, including dyeing wool.
I'm hooking a rug with crocks and didn't
have the right color.
Tonight I listed this rug on Ebay.
The design is by Perennial Blessings.
Hope you have a great evening!

Monday, January 17, 2011


This past weekend we had our annual Winterfest.
You never know what the weather is going to be.
Some years it's been above freezing and the ice sculptures
melted fast.
This year the wind was blowing and I froze.
I think it was successful this year.
This is one of the sculptors.

All the stores and businesses have an ice sculpture in
front of the business.

Eiffel Tower

A very cute fish!!

This is a concrete fountain in the back of the pineapple.
The town had the fountain restored and they cover it in the winter.
It looks like a space ship has landed.
I think it looks awful but, I guess it will protect it.
Although it has been there for years and years.

I got out today and got a few groceries.
Tomorrow the weather people say it is going to get nasty
here. I am going to stay inside and hook.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This Week Is Flying By!!!

This week is flying by, can't believe it's Wednesday.
Today I dyed wool most of the day.
I am hooking a crock rug and I wanted the wool colors to match old crock colors.
The colors turned out great.
I took some pictures of some Christmas gifts I received.
This is one of the gifts from my father inlaw.
He said he saw this and had to get it for me.
I love it!
Rhonda- My Glory Stars made this for me.
It is perfect for my hooking stuff.
I love it!
Thank you Rhonda!

The santa and reindeer were made by Stacie.
The stocking was made by Becky.

Thank you Becky and Stacie!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday Night Hooking

It is snowing in Ohio
I think it has let up a little but,
we are supposed to get more. It is January and I'd rather have snow than
rain and mud. The date today is pretty cool, 1-11-11!
I have been hooking and this is one of the rugs I finished.
I did list it on ebay tonight.
Last night I went to Katie's for Monday night hooking.
Thought I'd share some pictures with you.

Rhonda- My Glory Stars on the left finished this rug. She just needs to bind it.
that is Stacie on the right. Stacie and I didn't hook we were
picking out wool.

Isn't this rug cute? This is Karen's rug and she loves to use a fine cut.
No primitive stuff for her.

This is Phyllis's most recent rug.
She is sewing on wool binding for the first time.

This is Becky's rug, I'm working on this one too.

Love this rug!

Isn't this BIG!! Katie hooked this rug.
It didn't take her that long to hook it.
I hate stepping on it.

Katie and Rhonda are color planning a rug.

This was the rug
Katie was working on.
It is an area rug and I think she is going to put it in her dining room.
Have a great evening!
Stay Warm!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year A Fresh Start

Happy New Year!

I am excited about 2011
We had a very nice Christmas!

My laptop crashed and that is one of the reasons

I haven't updated my blog.

Santa brought a new laptop for
Christmas and I love it!
I started hooking again and am really excited about

some new patterns I got.

I listed this rug on Ebay tonight.

I've been wanting the pattern it is a Perennial Blessings design.

Can you believe this the first hit or miss border

I've ever done.

It was fun to hook and I will be hooking more hit or miss.

I do have lots of strips to use up.

Have a nice evening!

Go Buckeyes!!