Friday, February 26, 2021

My Sweet Grand Dogs

Just like that another week is done,  as well as another month.

My daughter and her husband built a house across from us.

I get to see her dogs, she has 5, 2 are missing in the picture.

Their house was just finished in January so, there is lots of 

mud since we're having warmer weather. Keeping them  clean 

is a job in itself. Have a wonderful Friday!


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Melting Snow

It has been very cold and snowy here in Ohio.

Today though, it was in the 58!

The driveway is full of slush, water and mud.

We have loved the beautiful snow and I really

feel thankful we've had some very cold weather.

It helps control  the bugs, such as ticks.

Blights and nasty stuff on my flowers.

This is the latest little mat I have hooked.

It is adaption of the back of an old penny.

Millie stayed with us last weekend while her family 

took a weekend getaway. She is our newest grand dog. 

Millie is a Corgi, they are herding dogs.

So the whole weekend she was herding my 2 Golden Retrievers.


Sunday, February 7, 2021

Super Bowl Sunday

It is a very cold Sunday here in Ohio. 

The sun is shining with a beautiful blue sky.

It always seems warmer with the sun, it also makes me happy.

This is a rug I hooked 5 years ago.

It is my design and I've sold many patterns.

Tonight we're looking forward to watching the Super Bowl.

I don't really care who wins.

Wish the Cleveland Browns make it to Super Bowl some day!

Have a Happy Sunday!

Friday, January 29, 2021

Butler Farms Marsh

 Today Tommy took the boys and Millie to the marsh

We used to take our kids ice skating on it.

Not thick enough yet.

Sunday we are supposed to get snow.

I am looking forward to snow.

 We really haven't had much this winter.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Antiques and Hooked Rugs Rug

There is nothing better to me than antiques and hooked rugs.

This is a adaption of an antique rug.

It is a gloomy gray day here.

Trying to stay busy. I have been cleaning every drawer.

Kitchen cabinets and will start getting rid of clutter.

Last year during Lent, I filled up a garbage bag every day

with stuff I want anymore. Donated a lot.