Saturday, October 24, 2009

~ Fall Migration~

It rained all day here in Ohio yesterday. The geese and ducks were enjoying it. This is on our farm we have an 18 acre marsh. Yesterday we had 3 flocks fly in. I couldn't count them all but, I would say there were several hundred geese.
Today my husband, Tom and son, Tommy are going to the OSU game. Think I'm going to hook all day."GO BUCKS"


  1. GO BUCKS!! Hope they do better than last week. We have tickets for next week's game, but may not be able to go. I love going to them and it gives my DH and I a good weekend away. With harvest so late this year, we really can't get away. Have a good day of hooking!!

  2. Julie ~
    Have a great day hooking! Here in northern Ohio it is once again chilly and windy. It would be a great day to spend hooking ~ too bad I have necessary things that must be accomplished, but hopefully I'll at least get my 10 minutes done.
    Go Bucks!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Rained here in Michigan all day yesterday too. It's just plain cloudy today. Enjoy your day of hooking, Julie! Go Bucks for you Ohio gals...go Michigan for us!!


  4. I love it when I see a flock/gaggle of geese fly over in their V formation...'s one of my favorite rituals of fall.
    Let's hope for some warmer weather here in Ohio.