Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Liberty Rug

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. We did, it was so hot though. They say everything is 3 weeks early, strawberries are ready. I'm going to make jam this week, the weather is supposed get cooler. I also have a big pile of mulch to spread,it's looking like a busy week. I did finish this Liberty rug, the design is by Country Stitches. I've had the pattern for awhile,I really like the way it turned out. It has alot of detail but, was fun to hook. I am offering it for sale, if you are interested my email address is on the side. Until next time.... Julie


  1. love the way the rug turned out! i just turned the heat on up here in minnesota and soup in the crock pot... wish we could meet half way! enjoy your day

  2. Julie, love it! I just posted on FB asking you to put a link to the right Country Stitches. When I look for all of the great patterns you use I never find them.

  3. Julie ~
    I love how the rug turned out. I have that pattern but have never done anything with it. Maybe you will inspire me but there are just too many rugs I want to hook!
    It was a hot couple of days. If only we'd get some rain with the cooler temps. It is so dry here.
    Hugs :)

  4. Hi Julie...love your work - I so wish I could FINISH one of my rug hook projects I start but there's never enough time between orders and just plain every day things....

    Enjoy all you have to do.

  5. Hi Julie,
    Another wonderful rug by your talented hands!!
    I am "harvesting" strawberries too, but they are the "cloth" variety, but I would so enjoy some strawberry jam while I am making mine!! *smile*
    Have a biscuit with some jam while you take a break from your busy week and have one for me too!
    Warm Blessings~~

  6. a great rug. I have been working on the gardens off and on we have had a lot of rain so still not finished.