Monday, July 21, 2008

~*A Walk Around My House*~

I made this hypertufa trough a couple years ago. My best friend Chris and I each made several of them. They were fun to make.

The yellow flowers, I think the common name is false sunflowers. They have went crazy this summer.

The flowers in my window box are getting bigger. The Japanese beetles have bombarded the sweet potatoe vine. I sprayed them with an organic spray.

The Hydrangea are blooming. Last year they didn't bloom. One of my horticulture friends said we had a late freeze and it froze the buds. This year it was milder.

This is a little fish pond.You can't tell there's water because the lily pads are too big. They need seperated and repotted. I'm not looking forward to thinning them,they're huge.

The Shasta Daisies are blooming. They are great to cut and put in bouquets. They last long in an arrangement.


  1. Your gardens are so beautiful Julie!

  2. Julie, your gardens are magnificent. So colorful I can almost smell them.

  3. Your flower gardens are so beautiful. Love the fairy!

  4. Beautiful garden. I love the hypertufa trough. I think I´ll try to make one this summer. I really like the one you have done.
    Can I borrow your picture?
    If you don´t mind I`ll put your blog to my bloglist.


    Gunilla in Sweden