Friday, November 11, 2016

Last Cutting of Hay

 We've had a very nice fall.
Any day now the weather could change
and we could get snow.
The last of the hay was cut and stored.
Grady is making sure he gets in the picture.

The guys hauling haylage to our bunker at
the heifer barn.
Finn will be 5 months old in 10 days.
He is such a happy baby.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is in a
couple weeks.
Have a great evening!


  1. Such beautiful photos of your farm and grand baby. Lucky you to get three cuttings of hat, I can only get two because our fields are down the hill and take a long time to dry out in spring. I sometimes don't get the first cutting until the end of June! Melinda

  2. Both Grady and Finn are absolutely adorable.
    Being so close to the lake, we have not yet had a frost and my neighbor's geraniums are still blooming. I love it!
    Hugs :)

  3. Oh to live down a dirt road again! A beautiful sight! Best wishes!

    Karen in NC

  4. Its such a beautiful view. Your grandson is growing so fast. What a cutie.