Tuesday, September 15, 2015


 We have lots of milkweed in a field
on our farm.
Yesterday I was mowing
and noticed lots of butterflies.
Many Monarchs and other different butterflies.
As soon as I got my camera,
They fluttered into the corn field.
It was more fun to watch them then to take a picture
of them.
Have a great day!


  1. Apparently, milkweed is the only place monarch butterflies lay their eggs. So hopefully, you've got a lot, and it can be a haven for them.!

  2. Yes Monarchs need milkweed...I use to love watching the on the milkweed at my old house. No millkweed now, but they seem to like my butterfly bush. Janice

  3. How wonderful they look out there. I hope they lay lots of eggs.

  4. Monarchs are endangered! Milkweed is the only plant on which they will lay their eggs and the caterpillars eat it. I wish I could cultivate some.