Monday, February 18, 2008

A Funny Auction Story

I'm still looking at all my pictures. I ran across this one~the urn planters. I was at an auction a couple years ago, I met my friend Chris and her grandpa there. It was a winter auction held inside, got a no.. Walked straight in and saw they were auctioning these off. I ran over and they were only going for 5.00. I ended up with the 2 pedestal and the planters for 25.00.
After I bought them I was thinking OMG! how am I going to get them home!! They were filled with dirt. Everyone kept saying, "we were going to buy those but couldn't lift them."
I called my son Tommy who said "where are ya?" We got a dolly and got the first planter to the truck. I couldn't lift it because it weighed too much. This great big guy asked Tommy if he needed help. Oh great, they got the first one in the truck. Then we took the second urn to the truck. Tommy thought, let's take the dirt out of the urn. Great idea... Here there were rocks in the bottom and that's why they were so heavy.
The whole time Tommy is complaining, "mom you just don't think. How would you have gotten these in the truck if I didn't come up here?" I replied, "you can have the planters when I die."

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