Thursday, January 27, 2011

My BIG Puppy

This is Madeline~ Maddie.
She won't be 1 year old until April 6.
Golden Retrievers are about full grown by 6 months old.
Maddie has really come a long way.
She FINALLY comes when she is called.
Now she can go outside in the yard without being on a leash.
Sits and if you say shake she puts her paw in my hand.
Maddie speaks but, she thinks if she sits and barks she will get food.
I have been doing laundry , cleaning and hope to get hooking.
I got a new pattern from Mad Hen Primitives.
Love her patterns!
Have a great evening!


  1. Maddie is such a great looking pup! Glad she is learning so much.

  2. HiJulie
    I love Maddie! She looks exactly like my Brit. Aren't they the most wonderful breed of dogs??? They are super smart too!! Just love that picture!!!


  3. Maddie is so beautiful! I love Goldens :)

  4. AAWWW! Maddie is just too cute. How great she is already listening and can be outside without a leash. Give her a hug from the pugs.

  5. Hi, She is a beauty, her eyes are so beautiful.... Please stop by me and enter my giveaway to win a Taste of Home magazine subscription. I will draw on Feb 1st.

  6. Maddie is so adorable. glad she is becoming a good girl