Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb. 1st!!

Right now it is raining hard and the thermometer says 24!!
That is so weird!
There is about 1/4" of ice outside.
I just hope we don't lose our electric.
We have the generator ready though, just in case.
I'm glad it's Feb..
Feb. always flies by and that's ok with me.
I have drawn up a few patterns on linen.
Need to get busy.
Stay warm!


  1. I have that same calendar! I hope February flys by fast for me; all the snow lately is such a downer! Just finished up my 2nd rug myself but now I don't know what to work on????

  2. Sonny's got our generator ready too! It is hard to believe it would rain when it is so cold ~ it sounds like it's pouring outside!! I'm hooking and binding and labeling ~ good winter weathr projects!!

  3. Isn't this weather insane? Glad to hear that you're drawing up new patterns...always fun. I'm trying to color plan a pattern I drew up last week. Now, I'm thinking of using the snow day tomorrow to dye some dark background. When life gives you lemons.....

  4. Hi Julie~
    I am so glad I saw your post!!! I forgot to change my calendar!! It was January one minute and now here we are in February!! Wow!!
    Hope you stay warm and dry and have fun with your new patterns! I know they will be wonderful!!

  5. Keep safe, I'm over winter!

  6. Julie ~
    What happened to January? Wasn't it Christmas last week?
    It has been raining here for hours, too. I hope going to work tomorrow morn won't be too treacherous. Thankfully, I only have a couple of miles to go.
    Happy hooking :)

  7. Oh my gosh, can I ask where you got that wonderful calendar? I love it.
    Crafting is a gret way to pass a snowy day, I hope you are staying warm

  8. The calendar is Primitives by David.