Sunday, February 13, 2011

Looking Forward To Spring

IIIt is the time of year I'm starting to get
ready to start seeds.
The last few years I have waited too
late to start seeds.
I grow my own impatients and
they take a long time to get big enough to plant.
This year I'm going to start early.
This is flower bed in the middle of my yard.
I forget what the yellow flowers are but,
they are take over.
In the spring I thin them out,
they still go crazy.

Front of our porch.
I dug up all my hydrangeas there.
I replanted them out in another bed.
They never bloom there sohopefully
moving them will help.

This window box is outside my kitchen window.
Every year it if fun to plan what
color scheme and plants to plant in there.

I I plant alot of wave petunias.

I hope to get back to hooking a rug.
I have 4 rugs started.LOL!
All day Friday I dyed wool,
I'm excited to hook the new colors.
Happy Sunday!


  1. Lovely photos, I can't wait for Spring! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Julie.........what a wonderful post to look at on this cold Ohio day!
    Your gardens are beautiful!
    Every year when I spend so much $$ on annuals I think that I should have planted up some flats. You have reminded me just in time!

  3. Julie, thanks for sharing a bit of spring. Feels like it will never get here. Can't wait to see your next rug.

  4. Julie,
    What a lovely garden you have! I love gardening too. I have a small one now, but it is such a pleasure to plan for it even with all the snow still on the ground. At least my shrubs and perennials are protected!
    Happy Seeding!

  5. Julie ~
    Your gardens are magazine worthy! They simply amaze me.
    I'd love to see the wools you dyed and the rugs you are hooking.
    It's cold and dreary on the north coast today, but the snow is melting a bit.
    Pug hugs :)

  6. Thanks for the Springtime daydream!!!! I'm smiling now! :-)

  7. It's so nice to see the lovely flowers and remind us that spring will eventually arrive. Its sometimes hard to remember when all you see are mounds of white.

  8. Thanks Julie for the refreshing. Now get to hooking girlie!! Happy Valentines Day..