Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We only have 13 more days left in January.
I'm trying to think positive. LOL!!
The weather here in Ohio today was NASTY.
I know it is everywhere, just had to complain about it.
I did get alot done today, including dyeing wool.
I'm hooking a rug with crocks and didn't
have the right color.
Tonight I listed this rug on Ebay.
The design is by Perennial Blessings.
Hope you have a great evening!


  1. Julie, I know what you mean about the weather today in ohio. What a bummer. I am soooo looking forward to spring. How about you? I have read about your crock rug a couple times but haven't seen any pictures. I am interested in what yours looks like. Did you use blue for the background? I used red. I think I like blue better. Looking forward to seeing your rug. Lisa

  2. Love your prim pineapple rug! Dyeing wool - I need to do it but just haven't had the motivation! Hope you got the results you intended!

  3. your rugs are so nice. thanks for sharing.
    Happy Wednesday

  4. Love the colors of this rug!
    Its snowing here too, About to go get the blowdryer and extension cord :)

  5. Oh my!!!!!!! I just love your rug! Oh so pretty!!!!

  6. Such a beautiful rug....You always do the nicest work.

  7. I just saw your crock rug on Ebay and it is great! Good luck on the selling.