Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year A Fresh Start

Happy New Year!

I am excited about 2011
We had a very nice Christmas!

My laptop crashed and that is one of the reasons

I haven't updated my blog.

Santa brought a new laptop for
Christmas and I love it!
I started hooking again and am really excited about

some new patterns I got.

I listed this rug on Ebay tonight.

I've been wanting the pattern it is a Perennial Blessings design.

Can you believe this the first hit or miss border

I've ever done.

It was fun to hook and I will be hooking more hit or miss.

I do have lots of strips to use up.

Have a nice evening!

Go Buckeyes!!


  1. Very cute rug. I have never tried a hit or miss border either. Yours looks lovely.
    Happy New Year

  2. Julie ~
    Sweet rug ~ as always :)
    I can't believe that is your first hit 'n miss border!
    I hope you new year is off to a great start.
    Hugs :)

  3. Wonderful hooked rug. Wishing you many bids! I do like the scrappy border and it is a great way to use of lots of extras.
    Happy New Year!!!

  4. So glad you got a new computer. I can so relate to computer crash frustrations. Your rug is so lovely.

    Feathers in the Nest

  5. What a beautiful rug! I've never done a hit or miss border either!

  6. Glad you're back ~ we've missed you! Cute rug ~ hope you gets lots of bids!!

  7. Glad you are back Julie I was beginning to worry. Love your rug.

  8. Love the rug, Julie...there must have been a something in the air with these laptops..mine crashed a week before Christmas. Glad you had a nice Christmas...now that Rodriquez was fired from U of M football today (YAY!!)...maybe we'll be able to win a game or two...Go Blue!! (but I still love Ohio..the state that is!! :-) !!)