Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday Night Hooking

It is snowing in Ohio
I think it has let up a little but,
we are supposed to get more. It is January and I'd rather have snow than
rain and mud. The date today is pretty cool, 1-11-11!
I have been hooking and this is one of the rugs I finished.
I did list it on ebay tonight.
Last night I went to Katie's for Monday night hooking.
Thought I'd share some pictures with you.

Rhonda- My Glory Stars on the left finished this rug. She just needs to bind it.
that is Stacie on the right. Stacie and I didn't hook we were
picking out wool.

Isn't this rug cute? This is Karen's rug and she loves to use a fine cut.
No primitive stuff for her.

This is Phyllis's most recent rug.
She is sewing on wool binding for the first time.

This is Becky's rug, I'm working on this one too.

Love this rug!

Isn't this BIG!! Katie hooked this rug.
It didn't take her that long to hook it.
I hate stepping on it.

Katie and Rhonda are color planning a rug.

This was the rug
Katie was working on.
It is an area rug and I think she is going to put it in her dining room.
Have a great evening!
Stay Warm!


  1. Julie ~
    It is snowing in northern Ohio, too. We've gotten a few inches with more predicted.
    Thank you so much for sharing all the rugs. Katie's rugs are simply amazing. I saw her hook a little at the one hook in and she is SO FAST! She probably hooked that huge one on the floor in less time than I hook a little one (but I am the world's slowest hooker)!
    Hooking at Katie's looks like great fun!
    Hugs :)

  2. Thanks for sharing pics of some great rugs!

  3. Wow Juls, great pics, I didnt know you took that many, you are sneakey!! HAHA. Yes our hook-ins are so much Fun and Katie is an awesome hooker. Love my hooking friends!!!

  4. Too much snow to go hooking here today, so will live through your great pics. looks like everyone had a great time, and the rugs were wonderful and wow Katie's is beautiful and huge!!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for sharing pictures Julie!The rugs are great. I just love Katie's hugh rug I wouldn't want to step on it either!

  6. Love the pictures, Julie! I can't believe how big those rugs are!! I put one of mine on the floor and almost ruined it! It looks like you have such a nice group to hook with and all that wool!!!

  7. Snowing here too in Wisconsin! Love the rugs, some of them are huge! I can't imagine even attempting to hug something that size.

  8. Great pictures!! Your group is hooking some great rugs. Katie's rug is beautiful!!

  9. Awesome rugs.
    I have never hooked one near as big as Katie.