Friday, September 3, 2010

Folk Art Rug and Farm Photos

The weather has cooled off here, I'm so used to the hot weather it seems cold. I'm really enjoying it!! I finished this rug today. It is a Country Stitches-Brenda Gervais pattern. I made a mistake by saying it was a different designer.
Today I took a few pictures of our farm. My husband just got 50 heifers so I helped him with the last few that he was vaccinating. Aren't they cute?? They are dairy cows so, they will be getting milked.
This is our barn that we keep heifers in.

Lunch time.

I have been wanting to take some pictures of my hubby's soybeans. It looks like a sea of green. That is the heifer barn in the distance.

Usually we just plant corn, but our heifer numbers are down so we have enough feed for them. Tom planted soybeans instead, I think the fields are beautiful.
Hope everyone has a nice Labor day weekend. Also, I'm thinking of everyone on the East Coast and hope they don't get too much damage from Earl and he leaves fast!!


  1. What a beautiful farm you have! My husband milked until about two months before we were married. We raised cow/calves and now have feeders instead. We are in northwestern Indiana.

    Stop by for a visit at before harvest is in full swing! We also farm about 2000 acres of corn and soybeans.

  2. I enjoyed the pics. It must be great to have that much room to "breathe". I live in akron oh with my husband and 3 dogs on a double lot but nothing like that much room lol. I had a question for you. What kind of frame do you use? I have a homemade one and it is very uncomfortable to hold and try to hook easily. I have been looking at the kind with the "nail like things" that hold the rug in place. Have you ever used one of these? I would be afraid it would pull out the hooking when I pulled it off the frame to reposition it. I would appreciate any comments you have time to offer. I am new to the whole hooking thing and I don't have anyone close to ask questions of. I enjoyed looking at your new rug. I think this new hobby might be addictive. Thanks for your time! Lisa

  3. great rug Julie, and had to laugh at the pic. of your heifers, looks like one of them is sticking it's tounge out, too cute.

  4. Love the rug Julie! Wendy has the neatest designs. I love how you hooked this one.
    Wow, I guess I didn't realize your farm was so big!

  5. Hi Julie! Love that rug! I'm a huge fan of Wendy's designs! I think I have about half dozen or so lined up here for me to get started on! LOL! I have field envy here!!!! Would LOVE to be able to work those fields and gaze upon that green every day... the heifer's are cute too! Milk makes ice cream, ya know!?!??! ;-)

  6. Julie ~
    I knew hubby farmed, but I did not realize it was also a dairy farm. People don't realize how much work farming is ~ especially when you must worry about the weather being good for the crops! I hope you have a bumper crop of soybeans this year!
    Pug hugs :)

  7. Thanks for your nice comments!

    Lisa I just use a Puritan frame.

    We used to milk cows but, now we raise heifers for farmers. We are a custom heifer grower. So we get calves from different farms and they are raised till they go back to home to their farm.

    I'm praying our crops do well also. Farming is tough and is unpredictable. We usually use all of our crops for feed. We have 750 acres and we used to rent acreage.

  8. Love the new rug, but I especially loved the photos of the cows and the farm. Whenever you show pictures of your beautiful yard and flowers I always think what a beautiful place you have. Knowing that you have cows, makes it perfect!

  9. Just love this rug Julie. Can you tell me where to find Pineberry Lane patterns? I found a but they didn't have this pattern or any rug hooking patterns. Not sure if I have the correct place. Love seeing pics of your farm too. Really beautiful. I love following your blog, always great rugs!


  10. Your fields look so pretty. Most of ours are turning now and hubby has been out and harvested about 300 acres of corn already. Not sure if I'm in the harvest mind set yet. Guess I'll get there quickly.