Monday, August 9, 2010

☆ I Love Flags & Geraniums ☆

It is supposed to be hot and humid in Ohio this week. I'm not going to complain about it because before we know it summer will be over. This morning I went outside and took a few pictures of my favorite things.
This picture was taken walking out my front door. The geraniums are blooming, they didn't have any flowers on them a couple weeks ago.

This spring I started Lobelia from seed. The blue is so crisp, I just love them. The starts were so delicate but, they took off. I will definitely start them from seed again next year. The begonias that I planted with them are Vodka, they are a very nice bright red.

This picture is looking out my kitchen window. I have a window box outside our kitchen window. I really miss the flowers in the winter. I do put pines in the boxes in the winter but, it's not as good as flowers.
Thanks for stopping by have a nice evening!!


  1. Red geraniums are as American as apple pie! :-) Love that flower box out the window too!

  2. Julie ~
    Oh, those urns filled with geraniums are beautiful. I'm not sure why, but this is the first year I can ever remember that I didn't buy any red geraniums. I do miss them.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Your flowers are absolutely beautiful. What a green thumb you have. Great inspiration for the rest of us!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. WOW Julie!!! Every picture you put up of your yard just blows me away and the beauty of it makes my heart beat faster!!!! That's not good for an old lady ya know!!!


  5. Oh Julie your flowers are beautiful. My garden was better this year than it has been for awhile until we got the puppy. :(

    Doesn't your pup get into your flowers?

  6. I would LOVE to get my yard to look like your.BEAUTIFUL!!

  7. Your flowers are wonderful I have had so much fun viewing of all the delightful gardens and pots! Thanks for sharing, Carolyn from Des Moines, Iowa

  8. How lovely. I would love to sit and just relax in all that beauty!
    Don't you just love red geraniums?? Silly queston, obviously! I used them too this year - red white and purple scheme (good blues are hard to come by in the floral world).
    Thanks for sharing- I felt right at home looking at your lovely blog