Saturday, February 13, 2010

Patriotic Rug~One of My Favorite Designs

I just listed this rug on Ebay tonight. This design is the very 1st rug that I hooked. I saw it hanging in Country Craft Cupboard in Berlin, Ohio. Never thought that I could make it and that was the start for me hooking rugs. This pattern is out of Summer Spirits Need'l Love Threads Book. Since I was new to hooking, everyone thought I should hook a little rug first. Nooo, I was only going to hook that rug for my house and quit.LOL! We have the rug and it is a wonder I continued hooking. I HATED the backing, I didn't know what hairless linen was. The linen I bought wasn't hairless and it was flimsy. UGH!! I have learned ALOT since the first rug I hooked!!
I reduced the size, it's not as big as the original pattern. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!


  1. Wow, that's a fantastic first rug. I hope my first looks that good!

  2. I just love this rug design and the background wool color is great!!

  3. Julie ~
    Happy Valentines Day to you and yours.
    What an undertaking for a first rug and now you've hooked it again. Hooking is definitely a learning process and the quality of the backing, wool, etc., can make a HUGE difference in how a rug progresses.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Hey at least you have your first rug hanging somewhere! And the fact you hooked another one - I found it all a learning process (thank goodness for ebay for re-selling all those frames and hooks and linen etc that i went thru until i found what I liked!) and know some of the first patterns I bought I wouldn't do again! Your rugs are always great

  5. I've hooked that rug too - it's still one of my favorites.

  6. Berlin Charm and Walnut Creek
    are such fun places!

    Wooster OH