Saturday, February 13, 2010


I just love Dahlias. The blooms are so showy and are beautiful. Dahlias are so easy to grow and you can dig them up for the next yaer. You do have to stake them because they get heavy and fall over. When I plant my tubers after covering them with soil I put a tomato cage right over where I planted them. The dahlias grow right up through the cage and you can't even see the wire cage. I start my dahlias in early May, the plant takes awhlile to grow so if it does frost the plant isn't up yet. I have started them inside in pots. That takes alot of potting soil though. It seems when I just put them in the ground they end up catching up with the ones I start inside.
I found this website from another blog and they have a great selection. Swan Island Dahlias


  1. Beautiful - so nice to see color after only seeing "white"!

  2. I love dahlias too! They had scads of them when I was at Roosevelt's summer home on Campobello island this bright and happy!

  3. Julie ~
    Your yard and dahlias are gorgeous. I use tomato cages for peonies and perennial hisbiscus. They work so well.
    I hope your aren't getting too much more snow. It's snowing lightly here again but we're not expecting more than an inch or two - thankfully!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. these are incredible rugs, love the style and the coloring, love everything about them. Where on earth did you get these patterns? Or did you make them up yourself. People want to know, need to know. I think you have now launched me into yet another world of creativity, I don't know if I should thank you or hex you? Thanks for sharing your life on your blog. Please send me a reply at want to start hooking - always did but now your style is perfect. Thanks again