Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sampler Hooked Rug

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. It was very busy because Christmas Eve we drive north to Marblehead to my father inlaw's. All of my husband's brothers and sister and their families are there. We spent the evening there then, drive home. Christmas day we open presents in the morning then head to my mom and dad's around noon. We had a nice Christmas.
Tonight I'm going to list this rug on Ebay. The design is from Stacy Nash. I met her this fall at Malabar Farms in Lucas, Ohio. I used to cross stitch but, I like hooking these days. I asked her if I could hook her samplers and she was very nice and said yes. I love partriotic deigns and love the way this turned out.
Hope everyone has a great week!!


  1. Julie ~
    Great rug :)
    Your Christmas sounded busy but full of family and fun.
    I used to cross stitch, too, but these old eyes like hooking better than cross stitch. I am itching to cross stitch something, though. I even dug out the magnifying glass, so maybe...
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Julie, I just love the hooked piece. Your hooking is wonderful! And I really must be tired. I read through your post so fast, I thought you were calling your father in law a marblehead LOL. oops! lol

  3. I really love your hooked piece. I'm going to learn how to hook this year. I've wanted to for years and found a teacher near me. I love how you adapted that pattern into a rug. I'll have to remember that once I get my hook broken in.

  4. What great colors! I swear, I love every rug you do!


  5. Oh Julie, it came out so great!! I'm sure Stacy will be thrilled to see her design in a hooked rug.