Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monday Night Hooking

Karen was hooking this Merry Christmas rug. It is so detailed, she used a fine cut. The face of the santa looks like a painting.

On the left is Karen, Stacie, Rhonda, Becky and Katie.

I have been getting ready for Christmas. Monday night I went hooking at Katie's house. The first rug is an adaption of an antique rug. Love the rug!!

Becky was working on a hit or miss. I love the colors she used!!

Thank you Stacie for the ornaments, she needlepunched Merry Christmas across the snowman, it is so nice. Becky gave me a tin full of beautiful cookies and chocolates. She also put a painted snowman wooden spoon. Rhonda made us a awesome apron with a quilted sheep on the pocket. I love everything, thank you so much for the gifts!!!

This is a rug Katie is hooking. It is a fine cut and is really nice!

Another rug that Katie is hooking for her son. It's him snowboarding, she mixed in yarn and ribbon with the wool.

Rhonda, Becky and Katie.


  1. Wow! Those are some great rugs! Looks like you were having fun. I especially like the snowboard rug....I'm crazy about rugs that tell a personal story.

  2. Nice post Julie, we need to get you in those photos also, and what you are working on.

  3. Julie, you are surrounded by some very talented there something in the water?!! :o)

  4. Julie ~
    Thank you for sharing. What great rugs. I love the detail of the fine cut (especially Santa's face), but anymore a #8 seems fine to!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Pug hugs :)