Wednesday, February 11, 2009

~Hydrangeas and Sunflowers~

Here is a picture that I took in August, 2008. One of my favorite Hydrangeas is a Pee Gee Hydrangea Tree. It is in the center of the picture and is overgrown with the orange flowers, Tithonia~Mexican sunflower. My flower beds get overgrown by August. I always over plant, it's hard to visualize how big everything will get. I try to work on that every year, I could prune plants. That doesn't happen very often because I want every flower. I did prune my garden phlox last summer and it did work out that the phlox bloomed all summer.

This picture of a sunflower, it was a volunteer plant. I didn't plant them they seeded down from the seeds from the year before. Sunflowers grow very well for me, it is interesting to see the different areas that the plants spout up. I do have to pull alot of the sunflower starts out, they would take over my flower beds. When I look at them they make me smile, I think they are so pretty. Then when they go to seed, it so fun to watch the Gold Finches eat the seeds.


  1. Okay! You talked me into it! I'm going to have to get a PeeGee this year! LOL! My regular hydrangeas never bloomed... maybe better luck with this variety... We had some warmer weather here in NJ today! The pics of your gardens are helping me get through these last few weeks of winter! Thanks! :-)

  2. Hey Sharon!! I miss you!! You'll love it a Pee Gee.

  3. LOL! We are having a fun time dreaming about warm weather and gardens! That bright blue sky and colorful array of flowers is just dreamy! Hang in there Julie!!! We'll get through this (winter stuff) together!!! Now where's my tomato seeds... :-)

  4. YOur gardens are lovely. I have not had any luck with the two hydrangeas I planted. I guess they got too much sun. I wish I had them and will be planting more this year. I was told to only plant them in the fall, maybe that was mistake.
    I am so looking forward to Spring too.

  5. Hi, just happened upon your blog and what beautiful flowers!!!!!! I live in NW Pa. and we have had a very cold, snowy winter so this is a wonderful sight for winter weary eyes!!!

  6. Julie...won't you please come to Michigan so you can tend to my garden?? Your yard is beautful! I wouldn't even attempt PeeGee's..I have a hard time growing geraniums! Hi Sharon...I miss you too!


  7. hello, j manu, fro italy.thisi in the picture is your home?? beautiful,my god! excuse me for my bad english, i like to much sunflower..sunflower is my favorite , my happy touch of colour in home in every subjet than dishes, framed pictur, fabrics for the table and more and more!
    many compliments four yuou family and for you blog!

  8. What a beautiful's my dream along with 50000000 other projects. I was looking at my garden catalogs a few nights ago, trying to pick out some plants that would grow well and look super, thanks for your post and your help.
    Blessings, and hopes that spring will come very soon.