Monday, February 2, 2009

~Groundhog Day~

OH DARN!!! He saw his shadow so 6 more weeks of winter. I heard on the news that he is 39% right, so maybe we have hope. The sun must of been shining at Gobblers Knob this morning. Every year on Groundhog Day when I hear someone talking about Gobblers Knob, it brings back memories of one of our friends Dave. He named his place Gobblers Knob~ he even had it in his mailbox. Dave has since passed away and we miss him!!

I'm so excited I bought this book yesterday and can't wait to get it.

I bought this one as well. I always love getting new books!!

This is what we ate during the Super Bowl. My oldest son Tommy, made wings along with dipping sauces. My husband Tom, made breaded mushrooms. I thought I was going to have to do all the cooking but, I let them take over. LOL!

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