Sunday, February 8, 2009

~Hoping Spring Gets Here Fast~

One of my favorite flowers are Dahlias. I have had this Cactus Dahlia for several years. The great thing about Dahlias, is that you can divide them and get several plants. I've given so many to my friends. It's fun to get Dahlia tubers from other gardeners as well.
This is a scabiosa~pin cushion flower. This variety is a minature, I have grown it before. It doesn't seem to come back, so I'm hoping it made it through the winter. If not, I'll buy another plant because it blooms all summer. I'm getting to know what plants give alot through the growing season. Of course, it depends on the weather we have. Seems like we have wet springs, followed by a drought.

Another favorite flower of mine is Hydrangea. I have several different types and I never get tired of them. Love them in arrangements.

This is a little pond outside by my door. It's very small but, it's easy to take care of. The only problem I have is my dogs get a drink out of it and knock the rocks in the pond. I have to fix the rocks all the time. I have 3 ponds in my landscaping and I'm considering getting rid of one of them. I do cover the ponds in the fall with netting so the leaves don't get in the water.
Did you know that you can put Cannas in your pond? They can be just regular Cannas, they don't have to be special pond cannas. I especially like the varigated leaf varieties. All you have to do is pot the canna tubers in a pot and sink them in your pond. Sometimes I have to sit them on a rock to get them to the right level of the water. Remember to take them out in the fall and store them in a place that doesn't freeze.


  1. I'm (not so) patiently waiting for Spring too Julie! You're hydrangea's are beautiful!!!!

  2. Thanks Sharon. It is hard to be patient after all the snow and cold we've had!!

  3. These pictures make me yearn for Spring even more. I live in Ohio also. I know the weather that you have had. I say come spring!

  4. Helou there!
    Oh I love Hydrangeas too, I have the "Endless Summer" my self...
    Take care!