Wednesday, January 7, 2009

~:~One of My Favorite Rugs~:~

I think I have creative brain block. Do you ever have so many things you want to do and end up getting nothing done? That's me.

There have been alot of websites having sales, one is The patterns that I have been buying are just coming in the mail. I'm expecting more patterns in the mail this week.

This is one of my favorite rugs that I hooked in 2006. It is out of a Need'l Love Book.


  1. Julie, love your rug! I have hooked this rug also, and it is hanging above my tv so I can see it every day. Definitely one of my favorites also. And it's amazing how different ours are! And to answer your question about having so many things you want to do and end up getting nothing done? LOL, I'm sitting here on the computer and on my kitchen table is the sewing machine, fabric, rotary cutter, etc. to make some wool snippet bags. And 10 feet from that is the rug I'm currently hooking. Still here I sit lol....

  2. Yeah Kathy, I was trying to change my blog background and just got it back. I screwed it up so bad!! I think it cuz it's January and after Christmas blues!!

  3. Julie ~ your rug is absolutely wonderful. Love all the warm colors you used. I'm with you on having so many things I want to do...but where to begin?

  4. Julie, I don't think I've commented before, but all of your work is beautiful - including this favorite of yours! I've often wondered how you are ever able to part with them. Enjoy the "rest" for the moment; I have a feeling you'll be back to getting TONS of things done soon!

  5. No,No, that's ME!!!
    I have the same problem!!
    Love your rug!!