Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Cutest Snowman

This picture is from the magazine "Create and Decorate" but unfortunately it was not hooked by me. I'm planning on hooking it because I love it!!
I forgot about the pattern that was in "Create and Decorate" magazine February 2008. It is the cutest pattern by Tina Payton. I was reminded about the pattern while I was looking through the Colonial Quilt Shop.


  1. Julie, I love this snowman too! But I'm planning ahead and thinking of Easter projects. We really need to hook snowmen in August!!

  2. I know Sheri! I forgot I had it because I cleaned for my daughter's graduation party.

  3. That is too cute!! I just love it!!! Cathy

  4. Helou there!
    Thank you for the hypertufa-tips!
    I will try to make some "hypertufas" this summer...:)
    Have a nice sunday!
    /the finnsih girl