Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jumping in Mirror Lake at OSU 2008

Gus had his game day collar on. He is very camera shy, so I got this picture when he was sleeping.
This is Lindsay's freshman year at The Ohio State University. The BIG football game between OSU and Michigan is today. It is a tradition that everyone jumps in Mirror Lake the Thursday night before the game. Of course my girl jumped in and went under~twice!! It was in the 20's and snowing in Columbus, Ohio. Lindsay and her friends weren't arrested. LOL!! She's the one on the left in the pictures. Go Bucks!!


  1. Julie...they look like they are having a blast! Being from U of M country....I think the U of M team needs to take a dip in the lake...they are stinkin' up the state of Michigan...horrible this year. Congrats to OSU! I'm glad Lindsay is enjoying her freshman year!


  2. Oh wow, what fun she is having! Nuts, but fun LOL. That had to be cold....... I can't even imagine!