Thursday, November 13, 2008

~*The Edited Version*~

I had posted a picture of this rug a couple posts back. It was on Ebay. I had a question from someone asking if I could change the year from 1841 to 1849. She said that she was from Loudonville and bought the Nelson Beem cabin on Pine Run Road. I asked her who she was and I knew who she is. My son is very good friends with her daughter. In fact my son is going to be in her daughter's wedding in April. What a small world.
Anyways, the next day she asked me if I could change the house into a cabin. First I said no then I thought why not. LOL! So here is the edited version.


  1. You are so nice to do that, Julie! What a treasure! You are some fast hooker...and your rugs are always beautiful..


  2. I love both versions Julie. It really is a small world! You were so nice to do that. Lori R

  3. I love this cabin version and how sweet of you to do that for her. What a small world it is.