Sunday, November 9, 2008

~*Simple Goods Show*~

Yesterday I went to the Simple goods Show in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. There were so many people there. I bought this, it lights up. I'm going to put pine around it, haven't decided where to put it yet. I ran into Bobbie from Michigan. I saw her there last year, she's in BlestB and PRHG. I saw Kaye from PRHG. Kaye's famous now LOL!! Her house was featured in the Rug Hooking Celebrations Magazine. It was nice seeing them.

I also bought some dried oranges, gourds, pomegranates and a couple candles. I'm going to make garlands. Still need to go outside and collect Black Walnuts to put in the garlands.


  1. Everything looks wonderful. You'll find a nice spot for that house I'm sure.. How nice to run into good friends too!

  2. I love that cabin....I bet it was overwhelming to see the talent in that room. I so wish I made it back there this year.