Tuesday, November 4, 2008

~*A Beautiful Fall Day*~

There are alot of oaks on our land. All the pine trees were planted by my husband's grandparents. It is so nice to look out and see green in the winter. Most of the other leaves have fallen. I've always wanted to build a house here. But we will leave it just like it is.

This is the last cutting of hay.


  1. Your pictures make me long for the country. As I've watched the high winds from the past few days rip the leaves from the trees, we did get the chance to take a country ride. The scenery and foliage was spectacular!

  2. Oh man Julie! Are you EVER LUCKY to have your own hay!!! Here in Florida, it's a battle to get good hay and the price per bale is crazy! Last year we paid $9.00 per bale (we have three horses) and I just bought STRAW for the piggies houses and it cost $9.00 per bale!!!! I'm fixin' to get some hay and am wondering what the price will be this year......