Sunday, February 9, 2014

Extra Extra Large Egg

 Happy Sunday!
Look at this egg,
it is the biggest egg my chickens have ever laid.
I did crack it open and it was a double yolk.
Made brownies with it.
 I couldn't of shut the lid.

My husband has been feeding the deer.
The date on the picture is wrong but, the temp. is right.
Do you see them  up in the woods also?
It has to rough for them with all the snow and cold we've had.
Have a good week!!


  1. Hi Julie,
    That egg is HUGE!!! I loved seeing it among the other eggs!
    What a nice surprise to have a double yoke too! Perfect for baking with!
    The deer are so pretty! I remember seeing lots of them when I lived in MI!
    Warm Hugs~

  2. I feel for that poor chicken.
    Growing up on a small farm with chickens, it was always a treat to get a double yoker.
    Tired of winter yet? LOL!
    Hugs :)

  3. That is one BIG egg..I can smell those brownies from here. YUM. Janice

  4. Oh my that is one large egg, poor chickie.....Love that your Hubby is feeding the deer, so kind....Hugs Francine.

  5. oh that poor chicken that has to hurt yikes. But I bet it was yummy.

  6. Yumm, double yolkers are my favorite!

  7. Wowzers Julie! That's one big egg!! Hugs, Lori

  8. My goodness, that's a huge egg! That little chicken must have had her spinach that morning! ;-)

  9. Yikes! Bet the chicken was as surprised as you were! Love seeing all the deer and good for your hubby helping them get through such a severe winter.

  10. Wow what an egg...a double holler is always a pleasant treat...enjoy the day hugs lil raggedy Angie

  11. I get these sometimes too, I always feel sorry for the poor chicken. I think a lot of the wildlife is having a hard time this exceptionally cold winter. Cudos to the hubs for helping some out.

  12. It is always fun to have a surprise in the nest box,I sometimes get a double yolked egg.I feel so sorry for all the animals this winter,great of your hubby to help the deer out.Blessings,Jen

  13. WOW Julie, that is a big egg. I didn't realize how big until you had it with the others. Do you have a super chicken there?? Love seeing the deer and so happy to see your hubby feeding them. So nice.