Thursday, February 13, 2014


This is the latest rug I've hooked.
I have been hooking lots these days because
of the snow and cold.
It is so nice to have the sun shining today.
The birds are singing and I know spring is near.
I'm a chicken raising rookie.
I started 3 years ago with 12, they survived that summer.
Thought I would let them "Free Range" and everyone of them died.
We live on a farm as most of you know.
There are raccoons, possum, coyotes, etc. that love to kill chickens.
Last spring I got 28 chicks. Put them in a pole barn, 3 sided.
I fenced the front with chicken wire, thought they were safe.
I have 5 now.
I have learned to put them in every night.
Let them out every morning.
It is my mission to keep them alive. LOL!


  1. I love your rug!!! So sweet....I guess raising chickens has it's highs and lows, Blessings Francine.

  2. Julie, I have four words for you... target practice... game camera...I had never held a gun before, but when a fox lugged my dear Gladys off I was ready to do battle...a game camera will show you exactly what you and your girls are up against...That has got to be the largest egg I have ever laid eyes on...ouch!!! Love your rug...Greetings...

  3. Hey Julie...I love that rug...always have! Do you perhaps have it in a paper pattern I could purchase from you? Good luck with you chickens!

  4. That is a fun rug!
    Growing up on a small farm, we always had chickens. I can remember going to the post office to pick them up. Yes, they were shipped by the USPS. They were let out every morning and put back in the coop every evening and sometimes an animal was still able to kill many of them.
    Stay warm.
    Hugs :)

  5. Well now you know. You're a good chicken momma!! Love your rug too. We got alot of snow today, getting more tonight and again on Saturday morning. By then it should add up to about 26 inches total. Want any???


  6. That rug is a favorite of's so darn cute! Good luck with your chickens!

  7. Living on my grandparents farm..their chicks always went into the coop as it was getting dark..guess they knew it was safe for them.and we always let them out in the morning again. Too bad you lost so many. janice

  8. oh that is heart breaking to lose all of your chickens.

  9. Love your rug! Sorry about the chickens,I lost 40 in one night last Spring,it was awful.Happy Valentine's Day! Be blessed,Jen

  10. love the rug!
    hope the next round goes better with the chicks!