Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Santa Reindeer Rug

What a beautiful day! I have been outside most of the day cleaning up my flower beds. It's 3:00 coffee time here at Butler Farms. Every day around 3, I have to have coffee or I start yawning. So I'm taking a little break.
This morning I finished up this santa rug before I started working outside. It's another Country Stitches pattern that I bought last year and never made it. I think it turned out good, I love Brenda Gervais patterns!! It is originally an oval needle punch, I made it rectangle and added the star. I used alot of the wool that I dyed last week. It's on Ebay.
Hope you are having a great day wherever you are!!


  1. Awesome rug! Wonderful job! I used to have coffee at 3 when my kids were young and came home from school. Now it would keep me up way past my bedtime!!

  2. The rug is wonderful. Makes me want to start something Christmasy. Have a good night.

  3. Julie ~
    It was a beautiful day in Ohio today. Too bad I had to spend the day at work (though I am thankful to have my job!).
    Sweet rug.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. I have no idea how to create these rugs and the texture and direction of the loops fascinate me.

  5. Awesome job on the rug. Love the colors.

  6. Love your rug!! Finished just in time for Christmas. Enjoy your day!

  7. This rug is soooooo sweet. I checked ebay and it must have already sold - rats :).

    Love your work - Karen

  8. I love the fat Santa rug. So many of Brenda's pattern lend themselves well to hooking.
    Good job on it.

  9. O love that rug! I am a new follower ! Im an Ohio blogger too! I am having a holiday open house Dec 3 , still have vendor space available if your interested, if come shop and visit with other prim bloggers from around Ohio! Have a great day ! hugs lilraggedyangie