Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Red Tailed Hawks

This is my son, Tommy (right) releasing 2 juvenile Red Tailed Hawks. It is amazing to me all the things he does. It is wonderful that he has a job he loves. These 2 were trapped because they were hanging out at an airport. Tommy relocates them so they don't get caught in a plane and create a crash. I think they are beautiful.
I'm hooking and hope to finish another rug today, we'll see. You never know what will come up today. Have a great day!


  1. Wow.... those are some birds! What a great job your son does -- Amazing!!

  2. What an amazing picture. I love hawks...well I love them when they aren't killing my friend's chickens. What a cool job he has!

  3. You Son has a cool job..The hawks are awesome beautiful birds...
    I have a Hawk that lives in the pine trees in front of my Trailer at my brothers house. He/she not sure is beautiful too. He/she just hangs out in the trees other then when he/she goes to find something to eat.. He/she's been here since I moved here 2 yrs ago so I think he/she is going to stick around!!

    Thanks for Share such a neat picture!!