Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Patriotic Bee Skep Rug

I finished this rug today, I've been working on it for 3 weeks, This is the 2ND one I've made. A couple years ago I made one but, used a light background with dark lettering. I really like the way it turned out. It is a pattern by Lori Brechlin~ Notforgotten Farms, the book is OOP though.
Wow! has it been hot and humid!! There are storms moving through right now, hope it's going to get rid of this. I really want to go outside and work in my yard but, it miserable out. Planted cucumber plants today. Every year I plant cucumbers and zucchini they die. I get the kind that say they disease resistant also. Asked the girls at the greenhouse and they said wait to plant them anytime after the 1st day of summer. I'm going to try it. Hope it works!
Have a great evening!


  1. Your work is just awesome. I saw your rug and knew I had to make it. You were kind enough to mention it was OOP. I knew I could find it, though. Guess who was wrong. I have checked everywhere including Ebay.

    You have a beautiful product. What a great job!

  2. WOW!! What an amazing rug!!
    I love it!!

  3. Very nice work! Luv your Rug....It is very hot and humid here too, just checked the weather and there r storms on the way....Blessings, Traci :)

  4. I hope your planting works too. I have the same problem - green thumb I don't have.

    I just love your rug! Lori has some great patterns.

  5. Julie ~
    I love your rug.
    It was very hot and humid "up north" today,too, but just about the time I got off work the storms came through and the temp dropped to the low 70's. Just a little too chilly (at least for me) to take the grandson swimming. Of course about 7p when I'm getting ready to take him home it warms up again. Go figure!
    Good luck with the cukes!
    Pug hugs :)

  6. Love that rug! Looks great and the saying is cute! :-) Hot and humid here is Jersey too! Haven't been out in the yard since Monday... I hope you have better luck with your cucumbers this year! They taste so much better fresh from the yard.

  7. Boy, you're a Fast hooker! Love this rug. Keep up the good work. Do you have a pic of the other one you did of this pattern? I'd love to see them together.