Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kingwood Hook In

She loves the water. Notice that the water is dirty on the raft. She was wet and got in the dirt. Our puppy has doubled in size!! The thing about Golden Retrievers are that they grow fast and are almost full grown at 6 months. I need to start taking more pictures of her while she's a puppy.

We named her Maddie, she chose the name. We would call her all these names we liked, everytime we said Maddie she would perk up and come to us. Her name on her papers will be Madeline haven't figured the rest yet.

Puppies are adorable!!

I went to Kingwood in Mansfield to a hook in today. I really had a nice time. It was Katie Allman's hook in, she really puts alot of work into it. The rugs that everyone brought were beautiful. I'll post more through the week. In the middle of the picture is Alice Fraser.It was great talking to Alice, love reading her blog. She's always doing something exciting. The other gal is Felicia from Wooster, I met her at the Walnut Creek Hook In. We have a great time talking to her too.

I love this rug!! It is just beautiful!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We are heading up to Marblehead to have lunch with Tom's dad and family. My dad is in West Virginia golfing. Happy Father's Day!


  1. your Maddie is beyond adorable!

    oh my gosh that Quilt Show rug with sheep is amazing...thanks for sharing the wonderful photos

  2. Hi Julie ~ you got your pictures up fast!! Such a lovely picture ~ yikes!! Thanks anyway for the kind words ~ love talking to you, too! It was a very fun day!! Have a great day tomorrow at the lake!!

  3. Maddie is adorable! Too funny that she loves the water....our dogs want nothing to do with it!

  4. Wow, she is the most adorable pup!!! You must live near me in Ohio. I'm in Medina. I love hooked rugs but have never tried to do it.

  5. Big hugs to Maddie! She is such a cutie pie! Thanks for sharing pics of those gorgeous rugs too! Might just inspire me enough to pull out a pattern and get hookin'! :-)

  6. Julie ~
    Oh your Maddie is just too sweet! So cute floating on her raft.
    Nice to see you yesterday. How nice of you to help Katie. What a great hook-in. I didn't do much hooking, but it was an enjoyable day in such a beautiful place.
    Pug hugs :)

  7. Hi Julie!
    Oh Maddie is thee sweetest little girl! my dd says she looks like she should be in a commercial!
    What beautiful rugs, too...the colors just tickle me! ~ thanks for sharing your day with us~
    Blessed be!

  8. Hi Julie,
    It was great to see you yesterday and to meet Rhonda and Katie and Lauren. what a wonderful day. I love your puppy! My first hookin experience was great!

  9. OH MY what a cutie patootie she is!!! That's awesome she likes the water, my german shepherd is afraid of water:(

  10. I am not familiar with hook Ins. Glad to see the older traditions live on.

    Yes, indeed pups grow too quickly.
    We recently adopted a 7 mo. Newfoundland who is 100 pounds!
    Good to get them used to water and noises as young as possible.
    And take lots of pictures!

  11. OMGosh Julie!!! Maddie is ab-SOOO-lutely adorable!! I could eat her up! That pic of her on the raft in the pool... precious!! Enjoy the puppy breath kisses, they grow wayy too fast! :D