Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Hook In Pictures

Here are more pictures of the hook in that I attended last Saturday at Kingwood in Mansfield, Ohio. These are the girls I hook with. On the far left is Phyllis, Rhonda~ myglorystars and Stacie. I love the kitten rug to the left, I'm pretty sure Katie hooked it.

Aults were one of the vendors, look at all the beautiful wool. Yes, I bought some LOL!

Lauren~Rugs and Pugs on the left. Lisa and Sylvia to the right.

It is hot and humid in Ohio. So I think I'm going to power wash my front porch. That should be a cool job today. Have a great day!


  1. Power wash the front porch? Ugh! You're going to be one wet noodle when your done... and tired too! Love all the rugs in the show... in the first pic, I had mistaken Stacie for a girl named Carol I went to High School with! LOL! How funny would that have been if it was her, right?

  2. Loved looking at all the rugs from this post and last. Such eye candy! Thanks for sharing. Looked like a wonderful time!! And how could you "not" buy any of that wool? It looks wonderful :)

  3. Julie ~
    WOW! You got a picture of me hooking. Amazing. I think I only pulled 5 or 6 strips.
    Great pictures. So many of mine came out poorly.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Such wonderful rugs!
    I'm melting right along with you here in Ohio....have fun playing in water.

  5. Great hook-in pics Julie - thanks for sharing! Your pics of your puppy are way too adorable! Soooooo cute!