Tuesday, January 12, 2010

~1870 Urn Hooked Rug~

We've warmed up to 32 in Ohio today. I was going to wash my car today but, the roads are still wet. I can't WAIT to get my car cleaned up!! It did feel like a heat wave today to me!!
This morning I woke up to NO WATER, so my husband went down to the barn and got water to make coffee. We have 3 water wells where we live~thank goodness. Tom fixed the pump later in the morning, so we have water. I'm really appreciating having water and electric, simple things that we take for granted.
I finished this rug today. The pattern is from Nature's Offerings by Maggie Bonanomi. I love all her patterns and this is the first thing that I have made out of the book. Tonight I'm going to list it on Ebay. Now what to make next..


  1. Beautiful colors in this rug. I love the darker tones.

  2. Love your rug Julie, hope you get some great bids.

  3. Julie ~
    I grew up on a small farm with well water and I am thankful to have city water!
    Do you hook 24/7? I don't know how you can get so many rugs hooked. I am envious ;-)
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Another great rug, I love Maggies designs. Good job.

  5. Very nice, Julie! I agree that you must hook in your sleep!!! I hope it brings a lots o' money!!!!!

  6. I live in Ohio too and I'm thrilled we're going to have a break from the frigid temps we've been having. My truck is in need of a good bath as well!
    Love the rug.

  7. Another beauty Julie! I want to do that one too. Hope you get big bids!

  8. I love Maggie's new book - There area a number of things I want to do in there. I really love what you did with this design. I'm new to your blog - found you thru Lauren's rugs and pugs - love your style - Melody

  9. I love your rug Julie I don't know how you get so many done.

    My vehicle is a mess on the outside!


  10. oh my goodness....this rug is so gorgeous! i so admire rug hooking...its a lovely art!

  11. Julie, you are so talented! What a perfect Maggie B. creation~