Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter Fest

This past weekend Louodonville had a Winter Festival. There were ice sculptures in front of all the stores but, by the time I took pictures most of the sculptures had lost alot of their detail because it was raining. This snowman was my favorite.

I loved these grapevine trees at Four Seasons Florist.

We have a cabin in the square of our town. I love it, too bad it's in town because I wish it was on our farm. A local family donated the cabin to the historical society.

I this picture for my daughter who is at college. This sculpture has alot of meaning to us because it is in memory of Garrick Tuttle who was in a car accident and passed away 4 years. It was so sad, he had drawn up this design and was going to have it made into a tattoo. The design is angel wings behind the cross . His parents own Amish Oak Furniture and are wonderful people. Garrick was a great kid.


  1. Hi Julie....I see all of your snow has melted. I think we have driven by the Log cabin in your town before.
    It would be fun to see those ice carvings.

  2. Julie ~
    Too bad the weather had to change for the winterfest :(
    I think the log cabin would be perfect for your farm!
    Pug hugs :)

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