Saturday, January 16, 2010

Heart Folk Art Rug

We have finally gotten some relief from the cold temperatures. Wouldn't you know that our town is having a Ice Festival this weekend. There are ice sculptures in front of all the businesses in town.Ice sculpting demonstrations and competitions are going on. You never know what the weather is going to be here this time of year. Last year for the festival it was 8 below. I did go meet my mom and my nephew Joey to watch a guy sculpting a swan. The ground was actually muddy.
Don't want to complain about anything. Compared to what the people in Haiti are going through. In 2006 I was in Haiti. I was on a cruise ship and the beach we stopped at was owned by Royal Caribbean. Where we stopped must of been secluded. I sure didn't see what I have on TV. I didn't realize how many people lived there. When we got off the ship there were people selling their wares in a building. We never saw any of the cities in Haiti.
My daughter gives blood and was asked if she had been to Haiti. They weren't going to let her give blood. Since we were just on the beach and not in the town they let her give blood. Now I see why she was questioned.
I have been busy hooking and finished this round heart rug tonight. It is a Need'l Love~ Here's My Heart. I did list it on Ebay tonight.
Hope everyone's weekend is going well. Pray for the Haitian people


  1. Your rug is really nice, hope you get rich.

  2. Love your heart mat Julie! It looks so nice and old. I have trouble getting my pics to show the true colors too. I hope you get big bids!

  3. Your rugs are just beautiful...I so envy your talent.
    One day I will try this but I'm sure they won't be as beautiful as yours.

    I know what you mean about a little complaint - my thoughts go to Haiti when I make a comment about my discomfort or not know what I mean and then I think of them.


  4. Love your heart piece Julie! You have been busy. Hope it brings in good money for you.
    I'm praying for Haiti, but also praying for direction on how I can help.