Monday, March 23, 2009

~Spring Plowing~

Today is the first day of plowing.

It was a beautiful day in Ohio. The sun was shining all day but, it was chilly. My husband hooked up to the chisel plow and started turning dirt. I followed him out in the field on the 4-wheeler and took some pictures.
Lindsay is still in Florida on spring break. Danny just got home this afternoon from Alabama, he was at the ATVA Motocross Nationals. My oldest son Tommy will be moving next Saturday to West Virginia where he will be starting a new job. There's always someone coming or going here.


  1. Sounds like you've been busy with company either coming or going Julie! Fields look great! I bet your DH could have my garden tilled in two blinks of an eye with that machine!!! LOL!

  2. Sharon,
    Oh yeah!! He always wants to plow a garden with this tractor. When we were first married I let him. NO WAY now. LOL!!

  3. WoW Julie...plowing already! It is way to wet here still to plow. Love the look and smell of freshly plowed earth, a new beginning.

  4. I just read a great story called "Plow Day" in the magazine "Farm and Ranch Living." It was really neat to see the community come together and spend a whole day plowing! I guess it's a true sign that spring is here! (Except we had some wet snow falling again here today.... ;)