Saturday, March 7, 2009

~The First Sign Of Spring♥~

I took a picture of these spring flowers in my yard today. They are crocuses. It will be 28 years I have lived in this house and these flowers have bloomed every spring. Grandma Butler planted these flowers years and years ago, when they start blooming it's spring.
Tonight we turn our clocks ahead.


  1. You're a lucky girl ~ crocuses ~ already!!! And you needed them ~ you have a serious case of spring fever!! It can't come soon enough!!

  2. What lovely photos of crocuses, Here up in the north of Sweden they haven´t show up yet. We have a lot of snow. But soon the spring will come.

    Have a nice day

    Gunilla/Northen Lights Garden

  3. What beautiful flowers!! Our temps have started those wild swings that herald the start of spring in Kansas. We even had our first severe thunderstorm warning last night. Lots of wind, rain and even some hail. Ah, ya just gotta love spring.

  4. That gives me great HOPE! Yeah for Spring.