Thursday, July 17, 2008

This Is The Way We Do Our Hay at Butler Farms

Awww.. this is the way to make hay. We use all of our hay to feed heifers. So we don't bale dry hay. I remember those days all too well. Tom would rake it all fluffy then here comes the rain. LOL! We're on 2nd cutting today.
The guys cut it, rake it and then the chopper picks it up and the trucks run along side the chopper. We have over 250 acres and they can get it done in just a couple days. It then goes into a bunker where it is packed down with a tractor. After that it is covered with heavy plastic and it is held down with recycled tires that have been cut in half so the water doesn't collect in the tires.
Alot of dairy farmers make hay like this, actually it's called haylage. Cal owns the chopper and farmers hire him to do their haylage. Then in the fall he puts up corn silage for them.


  1. A beautiful farm and love seeing your way to do hay. We still make bales...lots of work! Wish we had a bunker. :)Ginger

  2. Ginger~Our bunker is nothing fancy!! It is on concrete though.